Safety Induction Quiz

As well as the company’s commitments to Quality, Far North Fabrication are highly committed to its Safety and Environmental polices so have further developed an integrated management system to encompass all of these aspects. 

At FNF we’re proud to deliver industry excellence in our field. As part of our commitment to guarantee quality, all projects are carried out in strict compliance with industry expectations, authority regulations and ISO Standards. This ensures quality, health & safety and environmental management systems are in place and of a high standard for its stakeholders.

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Who holds the responsibility for workplace health and safety?

1. Management
2. Workplace health & safety representatives
3. Tradesman
4. Everybody
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According to the FNF Occupational Health & Safety policy, what are the duties of care that all personnel will be made aware of?

1. To Work in a safe manner
2. To follow established procedures
3. To report all hazards, Incidents and Accidents
4. All of the above
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All personnel are responsible for maintaining and knowing which PPE items are mandatory onsite!

1. True
2. False
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Far North Fabrication has a zero tolerance for the use and/or possession of drugs & alcohol!

1. True
2. False
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When must take 5 risk assessment cards be developed?

1. At the beginning of the week
2. Only when your supervisor asks you too
3. Each morning
4. Prior to the commencement of each job
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When are SWMS required?

1. When there is more than one person involved in the task
2. Whenever safety officers are present
3. Whenever you are engaged in high risk work activities
4. They are only required if and when you have the time
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Who can issue work permits?

1. The job supervisor
2. Anybody
3. Fire Sentry’s
4. Qualified persons who hold valid certification
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What is the minimum PPE required to be worn by staff members, Contractors and Visitors entering the Cairns Workshop area?

1. Safety Glasses
2. Foot Protection
3. Long Sleeve Shirt
4. Long Pants
5. All of the above
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All persons are required to maintain a clean and clear work area & clean up after each task!

1. True
2. False
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What are you required to do prior to using a hazardous substance?

1. Wear closed in footwear
2. Carry a rag with you in case you get some on your hands
3. Nothing, because I’ve used products similar to this before
4. Read the directions on the product label for safe storage, handling & usage of the product.
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What measures should be taken in the event of a minor chemical or oil spill?

1. Stop work immediately
2. Alert your supervisor
3. Contain the spill
4. Clean up using the spill kit provided
5. All of the above
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What should you become familiar with on an Evacuation Diagram?

1. Where the front gate is
2. Firefighting equipment, exit routes & assembly points
3. Location of the locker rooms
4. Where the administration block is
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Except for delivery & dispatch purposes all visitors must sign into the visitors register!

1. True
2. False
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Employees who violate company vehicle policy rules are subject to disciplinary actions which may include which of the following?

1. Verbal & written warnings
2. Suspension of vehicle usage privileges
3. Termination & legal action
4. All of the above
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Only qualified persons with valid certification can operate forklifts & elevated work platforms on FNF sites

1. True
2. False
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What should you do if you’re working alone & an unacceptable level of risk arises?

1. Continue work but be aware of the risk
2. Fill in a hazard report before completing the job
3. Ignore it in the hope that it goes away
4. Cease work until a satisfactory risk control measure has been implemented
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What does the Integrated Management System (IMS) aim to identify?

1. How many projects we are currently involved in
2. International monetary systems analysis
3. Deficiencies & improvement opportunities within our procedures & control measures
4. How many active staff we have
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What are our responsibilities to the IMS?

1. To maintain a high level of workmanship at all times
2. To follow proper procedures and implemented control measures
3. To report non-conformance of product and customer dissatisfaction
4. To assist with the identification of improvement opportunities
5. All of the above
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Minor injuries and near misses do not need to be reported

1. True
2. False
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When should hazard, incident & non-conformance of product reports be submitted to your supervisor?

1. At the end of my shift
2. When I get the time to do so
3. It’s not my responsibility to fill out forms
4. Immediately

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Safety Induction Quiz

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